Sadie awarded Benemerenti Medal

The Parish Pastoral Council Awarding Sadie for her outstanding service to St. Patrick’s!

On behalf of Fr Ivan Fr Dan the Parish Pastoral Council and the parishioners of St Patrick’s Church we would like to thank Sadie for her life long service to our Church.

Sadie is a very dedicated Lady and she never lets anyone down. Sadie always has a smile and a song to sing she would brighten up anyone’s day.. if your feeling down sadie would notice this and after chatting to Sadie you are guaranteed to leaves her company feeling in great form. Sadie is the most welcoming person to all that attend our Church.

She worries that Dan and Ivan will fade away so Sunday morning she cooks then  their breakfast and loves if a visiting priest arrives as she has cooked enough to feed an army.  

We have to remember Sadie’s late husband John  who also was an amazing man and gave so much of his time to our Church and to  Sadie’s  family for all their support they have given Sadie over the years.

In recognition of Sadie’s tremendous dedication to our Parish, Fr Ivan has presented Sadie with a gift from Pope Francis – the Benemerenti Medal!

Thank you Sadie from all of us here in St Patrick’s Church 


Sadie celebrating with her proud family


Capturing some of the magic that Sadie brings to parish!

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